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I just noticed that the 4 chapters of Midnight Sun (AKA Twlight, again, as if it wasn’t enough the first time, only at least this time you’re not actually in Bella’s whiny head) that SMeyer has up on her website is 260 pages long.

Just for perspective, the WHOLE of Twilight is 260 long in the same format (PDF – you think I was going to spend money on this to see what the heck everyone was complainin about?)

I thought maybe it was type size or something, but I checked. On a fairly dense page of Twilight Text (namely, Bella whining about… well, everything) there are approx 460 words.

On one page of Midnight Sun – and quite a diffuse page (sorry, couldn’t be bothered to find a more wordy one) there were 330 words.

So FOUR CHAPTERS of Edward moping about Bella is almost as long as an entire BOOK of Bella moping about Edward was?

Oh my. I hope the woman never finishes the thing…

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