I wouldn’t pass these on if they didn’t pay out – eventually! I thought I should post some of the earn-money things I’ve come across on the net which actually DO pay out. These are sites where I personally have had a good experience.

As with most things, the legit ones are slow to earn, but better slow and reliable than fast and fake.

First off: hits4pay. http://hits4pay.com/members/index.cgi?sarahce

This one requires a lot of patience unless you have a lot of people to sign up as affiliates. Let’s just say, you get two cents per email and you have to earn $25 to get a pay out to a paypal account. Seriously, patience required, this WILL take a long time to do on your own. Affiliates you have referred at first and second levels will earn you one cent per click, which clearly is the way to go to make it a little faster buy hey, if you can’t… slow and steady works for me!

Quidco: https://www.quidco.com/home/

This is my kind of cashback programme. Once you have earned your fiver for membership there is NO minimum payout, and payments are made at the start of each month. The system is easy to use, I’ve had no problems with tracking, and they offer some really good percentages for cashback on some popular sites.

wepromiseto: http://www.wepromiseto.co.uk/r/24209

Similar to quidco, but generally just not quite as good. That said, they offer some retailers who aren’t available on quidco, and a few of their percentage cashbacks are better. They also offer more no-pay or daily cashback deals than quidco seem to. Unfortunately their minimum payout is twenty five quid, so patience is definitely required here, too. You do get a bonus (I believe it’s a pound) if someone you referred gets at least a fiver into their account.

lightspeed: http://www.quidco.com/lightspeed-research/

The best way to sign on to lightspeed research is via a cashback site link. You have to sign up via a remote link, rather than direct on the site, and you might as well get cashback (one pound on wepromiseto, 90p on quidco) too.

Lightspeed can be frustrating – occasionally their surveys just won’t work, or will cop out halfway through, but they are one of the more lucrative survey companies I’ve found. Most surveys pay from 50-110 lightspeed points, and the rate of exchange is 115 points to a pound. It can add up though – I’ve earned about forty five quid in less than a year. Payment is to a paypal account.

Enjoy… 🙂



I suppose it’s a good thing that I have had an enforced time off from my novel. Maybe I will be able to go back and read it and solutions to my plot chasms will come to me. I really hope so.

I just wish I could look at a computer screen for more than ten minutes at a time without my brain starting to protest. I owe several reads and critiques, and I have at least one of my own work to read (plus at least one to come). Scary enough in the first place without the added intrigue of “will it make me sick to attempt to read this today?”

Bah. I’m whining. Sorry!

John Scalzi has some good advice in this and the follow up article. Advice I wish I had been given when I was a teen, frankly.

His tough love approach may not be to everyone’s taste, but his advice is sound and his style is amusing. Read it, don’t be offended, take the advice given in the spirit in which it is intended (this guy openly says he is a reader too – he’s not trying to stop you from writing!) and learn from it. Worthwhile article.

Read this and… be encouraged.

There are no words

“I want you to call me every bad name you can think of, in every language you know. I want you to tell me that you’re disgusted with me and that you’re going to so that I can beg and grovel on my knees for you to stay. At least stop trying to make me feel better. Let me suffer. I deserve it.”

Direct quotes from one of the Twilight books. This is our main character and narrator talking to the man who is supposed to love her, an whom we are told she loves.

Oh my word on a stick. And SMayer dares to say that she writes strong characters and that Bella is a good role model.



There are some seriously strange and possibly disturbed girls out there.

Twilight unveiled

70 thousand words, baby! I rock!

On a totally different subject;


One of the most hysterically funny things I’ve read, well, more or less forever, AND puts flesh on the bones of why many sane persons, upon reading Twilight for the first time, found that it was a bit… off. And on trying to read it for the second time, found that they could not bear to.

Basically, AOL, about most of what I have read so far. There are some points where I fundamentally disagree with the guy writing about things – frinstance, I make no bones about the fact that I believe in God. But in terms of the squickiness of this novel, the characterisation, the attitudes Meyer seems to be endorsing with how her characters act… yeuch… Yes, he’s so right. I just couldn’t make it as funny. I am so glad I don’t live inside Stephenie Meyer’s head. She is one scary woman. I knew Bella was a bit of a Mary Sue, but read the description of Bella and then do a google image search for Meyer. *shudder*I was very disturbed

I mean, don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against you if you enjoy Twilight. But I didn’t and it’s a relief to find someone pointing out the things that made me feel comfortable.

If you have any intention of reading my NaNo look away now because I fear I’m running out of “unspoiled” readers *grin*

I was rather horrified to realise that I had inadvertantly created some similar things re multiple love interests and supernatural beings in my NaNoNovel. Now I am pretty sure that it’s VERY different from Twilight in almost all respects. But it says something that spotting any similarities with it while I read those reviews made me feel tainted and very slightly sick…

Cute overload

Could this be any more adorable? Well, I don’t think so!