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I read a post where someone offered, as serious advice to a 15 year old, that where the drive to be creative is involved, if someone resents or questions the creative one neglecting people for their art, even people they claim to care about, then it’s for the other people to ‘deal with it’.

Forgive me, but I don’t think “being creative means you don’t have to be a decent human being” is good advice for anyone; but for a fifteen year old?

Sheesh. Give me strength.

I don’t know where it’s written that to be serious and passionate about one’s artistry, one has to be a shitbag, but I for one don’t believe it, and I know seriously wonderful and seriously, gobsmackingly artistic people who disprove it every single bloody day.

Shitbagitus may frequently come with the territory, but that is a damn shame, not something we should encourage.


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John Scalzi has some good advice in this and the follow up article. Advice I wish I had been given when I was a teen, frankly.

His tough love approach may not be to everyone’s taste, but his advice is sound and his style is amusing. Read it, don’t be offended, take the advice given in the spirit in which it is intended (this guy openly says he is a reader too – he’s not trying to stop you from writing!) and learn from it. Worthwhile article.

Read this and… be encouraged.

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A reminder: Rape is rape

I’ve half a mind to start a petition of my own asking that Hollywood recognise this and stop trying to convince us that it’s different if it’s done by a talented, hugely successful and filthy rich director.

It takes a comic to point out what should be obvious. You tell ’em, Chris.

“Roman Polanski initiated sexual contact with someone he knew to be underage, persisted after she said no, pled guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor, and fled the country when he feared he would go to prison anyway.”
– Latoya Peterson

Whoopi Goldberg would like us to believe that there’s a universe where plying a 13 year old with champagne and drugs, and then penetrating her vaginally and anally isn’t rape.

Whoopi, I’m glad I don’t live in your universe.

Polanski’s artistic achievements, the outstanding “The Pianist” in particular, have been sited by people who seem to believe that talent means one is held to a different moral and legal code.

Does the excellent direction of ‘one of the most moving films ever about the Holocaust’ balance out the lack of justice in the rape of a 13 year old girl?

Would it balance it out if he was instead a relatively penniless and uninfluential artist who happened to paint the most moving picture about the Holocaust? Or make the most moving sculpture?

Would it be different if he was a writer who had written a moving book about the Holocaust?

Would anyone be suggesting he should be exonerated if he were just an average Joe (besides the rape and running from justice) who told his children and grandchildren and their friends moving stories about the Holocaust and encouraged them to be more loving, accepting people because he believed that that might stop it happening again in the future?

Would it be different if he directed the movie for free?

If Polanski can avoid facing justice because he is a rich, successful, influential director, what does that say about the judicial system and what does it tell the teenage girls the age of consent law is supposed to protect?

I don’t know whether it would serve any purpose for Polanski to spend his remaining years in prison. Maybe some other form of restitution would be more appropriate. But the movie moguls and TV queens are not the people who should be making that decision, or trying to.

I hope all the signatories on the petition supporting Polanski take a good long look at the grand jury testimony and see what he actually did, then go back, take their names off it and apologise publically for endorsing or excusing sexual intercourse with a minor.

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Lovefilm are doing top 10 torsos and top 10 bikini moments.


Bikini moments include such seminal moments as Usula Andress in Dr No, along with other curvaceous Hollywood stars and starlets. Even the ones from slightly jokey films (Charlie’s Angels frinstance) are pulling no punches in the “beautiful women in scanty clothing” department. I mean, Carrie Fisher may look pretty silly done up as Jabba’s bit of fluff, but no one can deny that she looks OK in a bikini.

On the other hand, we have top 10 torsos. Now, I can think of 10 great torso shots without batting an eyelid, and to be fair, they have a few in there that can’t be considered objectionable. But why, oh why, oh why are we also subjected to Borat’s Mankini? Russell Brand on a surfboard? Hank Azaria, though admittedly toned, buck naked? These are the best torso shots they can come up with?! Shoot the researchers.

Even the initially promising ones aren’t up to that much. Gerard – in a pair of silly knickers. Brad – putting on a breastplate that rather defeats the object and managing to look camp despite all the armour. Leo – looking about twelve, maybe thirteen… that isn’t sexy.

Daniel Craig and Sean Connery’s about about the only two that aren’t cringeworthy, and Sean is sailing close to the wind on that one. Very disappointing for the ladies (and indeed those gents who like other gents) when the roster of feminine flesh on display has clearly been chosen for effect and the male for comedy.

Oh well.

Here is my selection of movie moments (in no particular order), all of which I think would beat lovefilm’s choices hands down.

1. Ewan McGregor shows off his assets in “Down With Love”

2. Viggo Mortensen taking “A Walk On The Moon” – hands up who’d like to stroll with him?

3. Owen Wilson in “You, Me & Dupree”, proving that, despite what Borat may have led you to believe, you can be funny and still look hot without your shirt on

4. James McAvoy in “Wanted” – as in, just what you wanted for Christmas…? I’m not that big a fan of his but… well, this is better than anything lovefilm offered…

5. Although not known as your average heartthrob, post “Wimbledon” Paul Bettany easily out-chests most of the lovefilm list – AND he’s funny!

6. Jeffrey Dean Morgan – yeah, I know it’s the *back* of his torso, (are you honestly complaining?) but ask anyone who saw the movie and they’ll tell you the chest view is good too… “P.S. I Love You” (we love you too, Jeff…)

7. If we have to have Brad Pitt, can’t we at least have him looking a bit manly, like he does in “Fight Club”, rather than mooning over his plate steel?

8. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Need any more be said?

9. Hugh Jackman shows he has enough “Animal Attraction” for anybody

10. Hugh Jackman takes an impromptu shower in “Australia”, then gets physical with Nicole Kidman.

(Yes, I know it’s the third mention for Jackman, but seriously, how did this guy not appear in a “top 10 Torsos” list? If the man has a sexy torso that is apparent even when fully dressed, he deserves at least one mention, no?)

Anyway this is ten off the top off my head, and not including a few of my favourite actors because I couldn’t lay my hands (mmm…) on the (in)appropriate shots – for my money these are all at least as good as the lovefilm list (your mileage may vary). No doubt others will come to me. But shame on you, lovefilm!

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What more can I say? Ladies, think about the savings… financial, if you don’t care about the environment!

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For the first time ever, I’ve gone a whole period with no disposable pads or anything.

It was comfortable, I had no irritation, and it was – get this – two days shorter than usual.

Why more women don’t try alternatives I just don’t know.

PS: Why not help out girls in the developing world who cannot afford disposables (not to mention lack of disposing facilities) and who are isolated each month because of their menstrual cycle? This is, IMO, an idea of pure brilliance. Because the pads are reusable, this is something that is not just giving a girl help to stay in school this month, but something that will help her out each and every month for many years.

Donate a pad or two

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I feel vile. I would really like to have a decent night’s sleep without chemical help, and I’d like everything not to ache, please. I had the offer to go into Cheltenham tomorrow, but I just can’t see how I’ll manage it.

I have done hardly anything useful this week… no music, no exercise. No writing. Bah. I did stay with mum for a week and spent lots of time advising her where to plant things in her garden/plating seeds. It’s nice to feel remotely useful!

On the plus side, although this may strike many people as a bit sad, I just sorted through my reusable san pro pads and some of them are so pretty.

I mean, I have pink plaid in there, I have multicoloured musical notes on purple, I have cute little owls on green, I have huge flowers on pink, I have turquoise suns and moons on pale blue… I even have some truly garish multicoloured checks. I like pretty. I’m a girl. So sue me ;o) But seriously, how boring are the disposable ones in comparison?

Small pleasures count for more when you’re lacking in big ones. And I do like the fact that I am benefiting the environment AND my bank balance at the same time. Not something we get to do that often these days!

I’m also glad to say that cutting three inches off my hair has made it almost manageable. It may even get washed more than once a fortnight now – wahey! (?!)

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