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I just noticed that the 4 chapters of Midnight Sun (AKA Twlight, again, as if it wasn’t enough the first time, only at least this time you’re not actually in Bella’s whiny head) that SMeyer has up on her website is 260 pages long.

Just for perspective, the WHOLE of Twilight is 260 long in the same format (PDF – you think I was going to spend money on this to see what the heck everyone was complainin about?)

I thought maybe it was type size or something, but I checked. On a fairly dense page of Twilight Text (namely, Bella whining about… well, everything) there are approx 460 words.

On one page of Midnight Sun – and quite a diffuse page (sorry, couldn’t be bothered to find a more wordy one) there were 330 words.

So FOUR CHAPTERS of Edward moping about Bella is almost as long as an entire BOOK of Bella moping about Edward was?

Oh my. I hope the woman never finishes the thing…

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I read a post where someone offered, as serious advice to a 15 year old, that where the drive to be creative is involved, if someone resents or questions the creative one neglecting people for their art, even people they claim to care about, then it’s for the other people to ‘deal with it’.

Forgive me, but I don’t think “being creative means you don’t have to be a decent human being” is good advice for anyone; but for a fifteen year old?

Sheesh. Give me strength.

I don’t know where it’s written that to be serious and passionate about one’s artistry, one has to be a shitbag, but I for one don’t believe it, and I know seriously wonderful and seriously, gobsmackingly artistic people who disprove it every single bloody day.

Shitbagitus may frequently come with the territory, but that is a damn shame, not something we should encourage.

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I suppose it’s a good thing that I have had an enforced time off from my novel. Maybe I will be able to go back and read it and solutions to my plot chasms will come to me. I really hope so.

I just wish I could look at a computer screen for more than ten minutes at a time without my brain starting to protest. I owe several reads and critiques, and I have at least one of my own work to read (plus at least one to come). Scary enough in the first place without the added intrigue of “will it make me sick to attempt to read this today?”

Bah. I’m whining. Sorry!

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“I want you to call me every bad name you can think of, in every language you know. I want you to tell me that you’re disgusted with me and that you’re going to so that I can beg and grovel on my knees for you to stay. At least stop trying to make me feel better. Let me suffer. I deserve it.”

Direct quotes from one of the Twilight books. This is our main character and narrator talking to the man who is supposed to love her, an whom we are told she loves.

Oh my word on a stick. And SMayer dares to say that she writes strong characters and that Bella is a good role model.


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A reminder: Rape is rape

I’ve half a mind to start a petition of my own asking that Hollywood recognise this and stop trying to convince us that it’s different if it’s done by a talented, hugely successful and filthy rich director.

It takes a comic to point out what should be obvious. You tell ’em, Chris.

“Roman Polanski initiated sexual contact with someone he knew to be underage, persisted after she said no, pled guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor, and fled the country when he feared he would go to prison anyway.”
– Latoya Peterson

Whoopi Goldberg would like us to believe that there’s a universe where plying a 13 year old with champagne and drugs, and then penetrating her vaginally and anally isn’t rape.

Whoopi, I’m glad I don’t live in your universe.

Polanski’s artistic achievements, the outstanding “The Pianist” in particular, have been sited by people who seem to believe that talent means one is held to a different moral and legal code.

Does the excellent direction of ‘one of the most moving films ever about the Holocaust’ balance out the lack of justice in the rape of a 13 year old girl?

Would it balance it out if he was instead a relatively penniless and uninfluential artist who happened to paint the most moving picture about the Holocaust? Or make the most moving sculpture?

Would it be different if he was a writer who had written a moving book about the Holocaust?

Would anyone be suggesting he should be exonerated if he were just an average Joe (besides the rape and running from justice) who told his children and grandchildren and their friends moving stories about the Holocaust and encouraged them to be more loving, accepting people because he believed that that might stop it happening again in the future?

Would it be different if he directed the movie for free?

If Polanski can avoid facing justice because he is a rich, successful, influential director, what does that say about the judicial system and what does it tell the teenage girls the age of consent law is supposed to protect?

I don’t know whether it would serve any purpose for Polanski to spend his remaining years in prison. Maybe some other form of restitution would be more appropriate. But the movie moguls and TV queens are not the people who should be making that decision, or trying to.

I hope all the signatories on the petition supporting Polanski take a good long look at the grand jury testimony and see what he actually did, then go back, take their names off it and apologise publically for endorsing or excusing sexual intercourse with a minor.

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I feel vile. I would really like to have a decent night’s sleep without chemical help, and I’d like everything not to ache, please. I had the offer to go into Cheltenham tomorrow, but I just can’t see how I’ll manage it.

I have done hardly anything useful this week… no music, no exercise. No writing. Bah. I did stay with mum for a week and spent lots of time advising her where to plant things in her garden/plating seeds. It’s nice to feel remotely useful!

On the plus side, although this may strike many people as a bit sad, I just sorted through my reusable san pro pads and some of them are so pretty.

I mean, I have pink plaid in there, I have multicoloured musical notes on purple, I have cute little owls on green, I have huge flowers on pink, I have turquoise suns and moons on pale blue… I even have some truly garish multicoloured checks. I like pretty. I’m a girl. So sue me ;o) But seriously, how boring are the disposable ones in comparison?

Small pleasures count for more when you’re lacking in big ones. And I do like the fact that I am benefiting the environment AND my bank balance at the same time. Not something we get to do that often these days!

I’m also glad to say that cutting three inches off my hair has made it almost manageable. It may even get washed more than once a fortnight now – wahey! (?!)

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Tell me, why do women have to pay VAT on sanitary items?

Yes, I’m talking about periods. Look away now if you’re squeamish.

It’s my understanding that VAT is mainly a tax on luxury goods. I’m not sure about this, but I do know that tampons etc are or were till recently classed as luxury goods. Comical.

I wonder what men would think if women started to go without sanitary protection… would it then be counted as a luxury… hmm, think not. And if men had to deal with 5 to 7 days (sometimes longer) of dealing with an unpleasant, smelly excretion 24/7, would they put up with having to pay through the nose to keep themselves and their clothes and their chairs and cars from getting stained with blood each month? I wonder.

A sexist tax?

Personally… I use, as much as possible, washable reusable pads (those available these days are both easy to use and take care of, and a darn site more comfortable than the disposable ones) and when I can face it, a mooncup (I am yet to get the knack of using the damn thing, though I appreciate that some people love them – and there is no doubt in my mind that when I do use it, my period is shorter… I think it just gets more out more quickly, or something…? I even find this with the reusable pads, though less noticeably).

I still use disposable pads too, for various reasons, but estimate that the reusable ones probably save me at least half the money each month that I would otherwise be spending on sanitary protection.

I’ve never met one of these average women who loses the “teaspoon of blood” claimed on tampon packets and the like, but even if I take the ridiculously low estimate of $4/month (comical, again) as gospel, that’s £25 a year. Personally I would use 2-3 packets of towels at £2 a pop on a moderately light month… that’s £72 a year. If I spend £72 on reusable sanitary protection, I can expect to be using those towels for at least 5 years, and, in my experience and that of many others, for much longer. Using the reusable pads (even ignoring my sporadic mooncup use) I use maybe half a packet to a packet in a month. I’ve just invested in some new reusables (to supplement rather than replace those I already own) and expect my use of disaposables to fall still further, especially as some of the new pads I have ordered have a waterproof backing that will give me more confidence to wear them solo even on heavy days.

I read on another site that Mrs Average uses a staggering 12-17000 items of sanitary protection in her lifetime. Think of the mountain of landfill that represents! Even if all of those are the smallest tampons available, that is a huge amount of waste. Assume that some of them are applicator tampons, towels, and so on, and you’re talking a heck of a lot of rubbish. We can not only save some money, but actually contribute towards a safer, less polluted environment. Definitely a bonus.

Any woman out there wondering if reusables are worth a try, do go for it – far more comfy then disposables, and a heck of a lot easier to deal with than you might imagine.

Plus, paying that VAT once, rather than several times a month… it feels goooooooood.

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