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eBooks, Amazon, etc

just because it’s an interesting article and sheds light on the often confusing world of eBooks 🙂

MacMillan, eBooks, Amazon, and what have you

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Israel and mosaics

Just a couple of my pics from Israel (I am back safe) – we saw loads of very beautiful ancient mosaics – the best of which, I can’t currently get at my pic of, grr grr, but here are some of the others I liked.

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Mt Kilimanjaro – ungrouted

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Protected: More mosaic pics :)

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Getting there!

It’s really hard to get the colour balance right esp in artifical light – plus my screen gives everything a yellow cast… so don’t know how true to life these pics are. Will try to post tonight’s one in a minute!

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I have a glacier!


The appropriate tiles came this morning 😀

I’m reasonably pleased so far, I think, though I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out and how it will look when it’s grouted. I’m waiting for some more, dark coloured, ceramic tiles so I get a bit of contrast going on in the mountain, as I have a bit too much glass and colour at the moment.

But I think the skyline looks reasonably like Kilimanjaro and I’m pleased so far I think!

Quite a lot of those tiles aren’t actually stuck down yet, obviously, including the top line of my bank of cloud on the LH side (not so obviously)

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